Republicans set out to break all manners of records when they took over in 1994. Fastest Congress to corrupt? Check. Biggest deficits in American history? Check. Biggest foreign policy disaster ever? Check. Biggest domestic policy disaster ever? Check. Most unpopular president ever? Getting close. Most obstructionist Senate ever? Also closing fast:

Seven months into the current two-year term, the Senate has held 42 "cloture" votes aimed at shutting off extended debate — filibusters, or sometimes only the threat of one — and moving to up-or-down votes on contested legislation. Under Senate rules that protect a minority's right to debate, these votes require a 60-vote supermajority in the 100-member Senate.

Democrats have trouble mustering 60 votes; they've fallen short 22 times so far this year. That's largely why they haven't been able to deliver on their campaign promises.

How many Republicans would root for the "nuclear option" today?

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon Jul 23, 2007 at 09:48 AM PDT.


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