Where do warmongers go when they go on vacation? Some go to Crawford, Texas to plan their warmonger strategy.
Oh, for a schedule of visitors to the Bush Ranch in August, any August.  August of 2001 would be my favorite. When the planning for this war was going on. When ENRON was falling apart. When Halliburton stock was at 4 dollars with a down arrow or something.    
They've sort of given us the info on the PDB of the sixth of August but for some reason we've never been able to see the rest of August's PDB's or the first ten days of September's PDBs. After all, the "D" stands for daily. He would have also gotten one on the 11th which would be a doozie. It probably said the coast is clear and it's a good day to go to an elementary school. Not.
While we complain loudly about the Iraqi leaders going on vacation during a war, we take it quietly in the rear when our leaders, the ones that started the freaking thing in the first place, take the month off.

I have to work this month, luckily it's because I want to, unlike our poor leaders.

Originally posted to tRueffert on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 06:17 AM PDT.


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