Now at a seminar on Forging links to an alternative food chain. AT YEARLY KOS

Tom Philpot is now speaking about environmental impact of the food production. in fact just growing feedlot beef produces about 17% of all greenhouse gasses.

Food production obviously has a huge environmental impact.

In ag systems before this century farms were balanced to cycle nitrogen, BUT in Modern farming, there is no cycle for nitrogen use and incorporation. Making fertilizer and ag revolution after world war two so for 70-75 years we have been producing artificial fertilizers has created hugely potent green house gasses... so the ag rev is based on a process that is ruinous to the environment.

Marion Nestle-

the goals of food companies and public health are NOT the same

give that situation food co. try hard to sell more food not less, via lobbying advertising marketing to children and minorities. they work hard to make people buy more food.

the food companies are sooooo worried about food advocacy.
there is a growing movement and it scares them.

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