Jared Polis is running for congress in Colorado's Fighting Second district. This is going to be a primary race between three dedicated and diverse D's. Boulder is the most well-known part of the district, but is probably not the place where it'll be won.

Through no fault of his own, Jared had a rough start on the internet side of his campaign for the seat in this district.  Raf Noboa, a well-known and widely traveled activist, was Jared's internet outreach director. He had a burst of joy following YearlyKos at the prospect of Jared's chances and his commitment to engage the Netroots and liberal activists of all stripes. That rational, though premature, exuberance cost Raf his spot on Jared's team.

Jared has made millions on the internet with several businesses, but the scrutiny and pushback in the political blogosphere may have come as a surprise. Now he's gone old-school and hired Jerome Armstrong, who coined the term "netroots", and his team to do the Polis campaign's internet work:

The Polis for Congress team hired Armstrong's Webstrong, LLC to act as the internet political director for the campaign.  Armstrong is a highly respected political strategist known for his blog, MyDD. He was one of the first political bloggers and he coined the term "netroots".  In blogging circles he has been referred to as The Blogfather for having mentored many other famous bloggers, such as Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos.

Jared knows, contrary to what many say, that the netroots doesn't consist of pajama clad bloggers sitting in their mom's basement. It is made up of progressive activists who are computer savvy, strategists who see the practicality of internet communications and organizing, and people and skills that will be an integral part of every successful political campaign. Hiring Jerome Armstrong proves that.

Now, on to the issues.....

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