What a beautiful fall day for walking and meeting neighbors.  I had the pleasure of canvassing with Kate, the Londonderry Field Organizer.

It actually felt like a mid August sunny day while we strolled from house to house in Londonderry enjoying the early foliage show.  It seemed that everyone was out in the yard or up a ladder and nobody rushed us off the land.  That is so different from back in May or June when people would ask us to come back in the fall when they would be more focused on the primary.

Well it is fall and people in New Hampshire care and they are listening.  It goes with the territory of living here longer than four years.  You know that come primary season the phones will ring and very smart young people will be knocking on your door.  New Hampshire people do really take this obligation seriously.  They are informed, they watch debates, unless the Sox are on and they come out in droves to hear all the candidates in person.

Today was so inspiring because we not only found 4 new volunteers for Hillary, we confirmed over a dozen others in Hillary's corner.  We also had 1 die hard Republican and a few Dems leaning to other candidates.  That in only 3 hours in a neighborhood of 2 acre lots.  Experienced canvassers know those are good numbers and we were very pleased.

I don't think the good numbers are only because of the weather.  I think its mostly due to attentive voters listening to Hillary and her competition.  They told us her American Choices Health Care plan makes sense.  They told us that her command of a stage and rapid fire knowledge of issues was uncanny.  They told us that she isn't the type to be pushed around by foreign leaders or internal pressure groups.  And one person told us that Hillary may not have all the answers but she was sure that Hillary would be in there fighting for us.

It was a good Hillary day in New Hampshire.

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