It has been occurring to me, that talk radio was born when some money was spent to gather support for St. Reagan (tm, and that that it grew in both funding and volume, in '94 when the republicans "took over" congress.

Both of these events were and still are claimed to be repudiation by the voters of the "Liberal" agenda.

If all of this is true, does that mean that conservative talk radio dies when we sweep the elections next year?

For all of our hand wringing and and worry about the elections, short of the second coming to re-energize the wackos, (that's Christ, not Reagan)

even in truly safe rethug country the Republicans are shaping up to take truly historic losses.

Even talk radio can't smear enough to turn this around, and the negative ad lies this cycle just might repel voters, more than it brings out the robots.

So back to the Question. If we win as big as we are shaping up to, what happens to the right wing attack machine?

We already know that at least some of the noisemakers, and some of the money  is opportunists that might reasonably be expected to switch sides as the wind changes.

Rush and O'Riely certainly won't go away, but I suspect the rest may well go into hiding, or switch sides.

Rush and O'riely are also likely to find their salaries massively cut.

Maybe this is just a pipe dream, but the noisemakers are already under assault since 2006, and 2008 is shaping up to be a complete repudiation of  Bush and the Republican congress, and possibly the entire conservative movement back to the Saint.

Originally posted to Mr Tek on Fri Oct 19, 2007 at 10:30 AM PDT.


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