A Centers for Disease Control report on the impact of climate change on public Health was heavily edited by the White House before congressional testimony.

Business as usual in the Soviet Union, er, United States.  


Of the 14 original pages in [the CDC] report, only six survived the White House editing process.

In her original report, Gerberding [CDC director] acknowledged that "scientific evidence supports the view that Earth's climate is changing."

Her report indicated that climate change is expected to have a broad range of impacts on the health of Americans. She goes on to say "the public health effects of climate change remain largely unaddressed. The CDC considers climate change a serious public health concern," and "many Americans will likely experience difficult challenges."

Despite the serious implications of these statements, they were edited out of the final draft. Also deleted from her draft was any discussion of the actual health problems that could result from global warming, such as increased asthma, heat stress and food-borne illnesses. Instead, her testimony focused almost entirely on the CDC's preparation for dealing with health concerns related to climate change.

Squelching Science did not work in the Soviet Union - (Does anyone remember learning about Lysenkoism in school?  This was a Soviet Government denial of the existence of mendelian genetics, and sponsorship of alternative pseudo-scientific beliefs about how plants acquire disease-resistance or higher yields or any other desirable genetic trait.  This policy set the Soviet Union back many years agriculturally.) - and failure by the US to be objective about climate change science will have similar or greater drastic consequences.

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