Oh, what the hell.  It's late, I have a diary to burn, and things have been tense here, so I think people can use a little fun tonight.

Markos announced today that he will be writing an election year column for Newsweek, and also that "Newsweek is 'balancing' [him] out with someone that should make heads on our side explode."  But Markos won't tell us who that is.

We had a lot of good guesses in the other item, and now we need a poll.  Who will be the anti-Kos?

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Update, noon PST Thursday 11/15:  as of this writing, 17 people got it right: Karl Rove.

This diary is not associated with any candidate or campaign.

I've culled some of the top guesses from his diary, but feel free to introduce your own.  And the more explanation for your guess, the better.  And the funnier the explanation, the better, also.  Remember, this will probably be ported to RedState and the like, so keep that in mind.

Originally posted to Major Danby on Tue Nov 13, 2007 at 08:42 PM PST.


Who is the anti-Kos?

5%12 votes
4%9 votes
0%2 votes
25%57 votes
9%22 votes
1%4 votes
1%4 votes
12%28 votes
11%25 votes
8%19 votes
6%15 votes
6%14 votes
1%3 votes
1%3 votes
3%8 votes

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