I've been in Vegas on "business" all week and of course I wore my Hillary lapel pin everywhere I went.

Things look good for Hillary out here, if the strippers are any clue.

I've managed to visit an assortment of Las Vegas entertainment venues, strictly for research purposes.  At every stop the young ladies would seek me out and say how cool it was to see a guy supporting Hillary.  Two of the women, both mothers, said they had registered to vote for the first time ever, just so they can vote for Hillary.

Read about their issues below the fold.

Believe it or not we actually discussed issues and what seemed so important to these women was #1 Health care and #2 Hillary's understanding of Women's issues.  These are women in tough situations working their butts off to support the only thing they truly care about, their kids.  Health care, education and woman's rights are critical issues to this demographic.  They also think it's time for a woman president who will as always cleanup after the boys.

I spent the week with hundreds of business associates from New Hampshire and my republican boss asked me to take off the lapel pin. I politely refused saying that the exhibit hall we were working in was full of NH voters.  We were an exhibitor.  I was shocked at how many of those supposed conservative NH republicans and Democrats came up to me and offered support.  They won't say so publicly for fear of business reprisals or being laughed out of the country club, but they like Hillary.

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I Love Las Vegas.

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