It seems like Dana Perino has trouble with Aristotelian logic concerning whether she was implying that waterboarding is legal.  Since she, and so many others in the administration, seem to have trouble with basic facts and logic, I've decided to step in with visual cues in the form of Venn Diagrams, which are often used as aids to demonstrate the principles of logic to more...shall we say...visual learners.

So--let's get started with the concept of what is legal:

And let's move below the fold for more, shall we?

Now, moving on.  See, in Aristotelian logic, the phrase "All A are B" can be represented in a ven diagram by inserting a circle representing "A" inside a circle representing "B".  So, if you have "all Zebras are mammals", you would have your "zebra circle" inside your "mammals circle."

Similarly: when Dana Perino says that "everything we've done is legal", that implies that the "everything we've done" circle should go inside the "legal" circle, like this:

Moving on, then!  Now that the CIA has admitted to waterboarding terrorism suspects, we can add "waterboarding" into the realm of things we've done, like so:

Of course, given the fact that the "everything we've done" circle already fits into the "legal" circle, we can expand our horizons a little bit, like this:

See how the "waterboarding" circle fits wholesale within the "legal" circle?  That proves beyond a logical doubt that Dana Perino has claimed that waterboarding is legal.  Q-E-frikkin'-D.  So whether she "comments on a specific technique" or not, the facts are right there.

And there are further conclusions we can draw.

Given the fact that waterboarding is torture, we can safely and logically replace the word "waterboarding" with "torture" in our circles.  Technically, the "waterboarding" circle should fit inside a "torture" circle, but let's keep things neat.  So we can draw a conclusion from this:

See, "torture" now fits in the "everything we've done" category.  And because logic has proved that the United States commits torture, the last logical conclusion we can draw from this is:

Statement "The United States does not torture" = FALSE.

Thanks for your time.

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