That's right. I hate you all.

This is supposed to be a blog for Democrats right? Well it's NOT and I'll tell you why. No wonder we have so many Kossacks GBCWing around here.

Don't you know that being for Democrats means that you can offer no critical commentary that might criticise Democrats or perhaps point out erroneous assumptions made about the opposition?

No wonder liberals don't have a Coulter or Rush Limbaugh equivalent, what, with all the independent critical thinking that goes around on around here. No political hackery has a chance with that kind of scrutiny.

It's enough to make you a Republican and sign up at FreeRepublic I tell you.

Just the other day I posted a diary pointing out the hypocrisy of King not voting for his own stoopid Christmas resolution then what do I see in the comments?

King is disgusting, but... (1+ / 0-)

I believe there were weather issues that prevented him from getting back to D.C. from Iowa by the time the vote was taken.

Dammit! It isn't people's job around here to point out why my not so carefully constructed anti-Republican hyperbole might be not considering the entire story! Your reaction to my partisan screed should be to high five me, say "hella yeah" and get righteously indignant at Republicans, not to distract people with pesky insignficant facts. I mean really, if you are just going to nitpick every little detail how the heck can I post unsupported rants in the Coulter style? You expect me to research and document my assertions? Who do I look like? Joe Klein?

And another thing. What the hell is it with all this criticism of Democratic primary candidates? Don't you know that your partisan duty as a Democrat is, if you don't like something about a candidate, to shut the hell up? What do you think primaries are for, debating and deciding the best candidate for goodness sake? You're a Democrat dammit, you're not supposed to express your opinion about Democrats. It's like freakin' herding cats. Your responsibility is to put on your bell and get out there in that field, chew some grass, and when I say something nice about my candidate, you bleet, gottit? Get a clue from the Republicans already and stop pooping on my candidate.

And geez Louise, would you stop it with all the hatin' on Pelosi and the criticism of Democrats in Congress? You'd think that by all the squawking that people around here think they might have some kind of obligation to represent those who elected them into the majority in Congress or something? You played your part, now it's your Democratic duty to shut up and support them in any act of cowardly cowtowing and enabling that they see fit to participate in. Anything less is treason to Democratedness.

Good grief, you people make it difficult to be a mindless partisan hack. If Republican's practiced independent critical thinking there'd be no Kristols, Krauthammers, Cavutos or Coulters. No Limbaughs, Becks or Bill-o's. No Hannitys or Malkins.

Don't you see that critical thinking hurts Democrats? I'm sick of all you thinking losers. I'm going to FreeRepublic where they appreciate a good circle jerk.


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