I urge you to support Obama.  Here are 6 reasons why Obama is the only candidate who can unite America to bring real change.

I urge you to consider voting for Obama.  I am a citizen who has no affilation at all with the Obama campaign (other than making a donation).  Here are the top 6 reasons I believe Obama is by far the best candidate for President and urge you to support him.

  1.  Obama is the only uniter.

Obama alone can unite us to bring real, successful change in our government and its policies.  No unity, no change.  It’s that simple.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Obama was number one in Iowa because people saw him as a uniter who can lead us to real change.  That is why he does better head to head against the leading Republican candidates than any other Democratic frontrunner.

The other side hates every other frontrunner.  Hillary keeps telling us she is an indestructible punching bag who can absorb every blow the right has to offer.  This is just a nice way of saying Hillary has record breaking negatives.  The half of America that is the right will oppose every single thing Hillary tries to achieve tooth and nail.  She can never overcome the bickering that plagues her to lead our whole country to true, successful change.  Hillary will always be a partisan lightening rod.

And Hillary herself doesn't even say she will promote change.  Until a few weeks ago when Bill rebranded her a "change agent," Hillary emphasized her experience.  Even now Hillary's slogan is "ready for change, ready to lead."  She doesn't say she will implement any change.  She's just ready for it.  That's not good enough.  She's also said that changing from Bush to Clinton would be change.  That's wrong.  It's just wrong.  It would be a continuation of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton cycle.

The same holds true for Edwards who is a populist bashing corporate America.  Corporate America will bash back, and it is as powerful as it ever was.  Neither Hillary nor Edwards nor any frontrunner on the right can unite America to achieve real, successful change.  

  1.  Obama has exercised the best judgment.

Obama has proven that he has the best judgment regarding foreign policy.  Once again, Obama stands alone among the frontrunners.  Obama is the only frontrunner who did not support the Iraq war from the start.

Hillary still will not even admit she made a mistake in empowering Bush to invade Iraq.  She is in denial.  And just a few weeks ago Hillary made another blunder in voting for Bush’s bill to declare Iran’s military to be terrorists.  Technically this bill is a declaration of war.  Hillary was suckered again.  Hillary thereby proved she doesn’t learn from her mistakes when it comes to key issues.  And Hillary admittedly screwed up healthcare in the early nineties so that it's still broken a dozen years later.

Edwards keeps saying that we should vote for him because he admits his mistake in Iraq.  To follow his reasoning, shouldn't we vote for the candidate that exercised good judgment in the first place?

  1.  Obama is the only frontrunner not raking in huge Dick Cheney money from his government service.

Obama is the only Democratic frontrunner not awash in cash on a Dick Cheney level.  Obama is wealthy, with just over a million in net worth, but his wealth is a drop in the ocean compared to the other Democratic frontrunners.  

Hillary and Bill have cashed in their government service for megabucks approaching a hundred million dollars.  

Edwards is worth well over fifty million.  He made tens of millions from his personal injury lawyer days.  After his government service, Edwards cashed in "service" for a ton more money working for a mega hedge fund.  Rather than donating his money to charity, Edwards has built himself a megamansion.  

And speaking of "charity", instead of donating their money to charity, Hillary and Bill kept their government cash out and had other people donate to their "charity" nearly half a BILLION dollars in donations and counting.  Hillary and Bill’s personal charity has employed some of their key campaign officials, and has received tens of millions in donations from their campaign donors.  

We still haven't learned the full extent of this unseemly nexus between the Clinton "charity" and their political life because Hillary and Bill refuse to disclose the records of donors and other info relating to their charity.  All this money makes me uncomfortable.  Last Presidential election Kerry’s hundreds of millions didn’t help him either.

  1.  Obama's is the only campaign not raking in huge money from lobbyists or special interest groups like 527s.

Speaking of unseemly money, Obama also is the only frontrunner who hasn’t sold out in taking lobbyist money or 527 money.  

Edwards’ position on soft 527 money is the most hypocritical and troubling.  Edwards railed against the Swifties last election yet his former campaign official (until this summer) is running a ton of 527 union soft money for him.  Edwards’ weak kneed calls to stop 527 money represent a very troubling sellout.  If Edwards wanted to stop the 527 money supporting him, he easily could.  Edwards’ own campaign official is running all the money for goodness sakes.  Edwards has lowered himself.  

Hillary makes no bones about it and is awash in 527 money and lobbyist money.  Hillary denies she is subject to undue influence from them.  She is the ultimate Washington insider bathing in oodles of special interest money.

  1.  Obama is the only frontrunner truly committed to openness in government.

Obama is the only frontrunner who truly stands for transparency in government.  He has sponsored important government initiatives to help the American people understand where their money is being spent (for more on this, see the next point 6 below).  America desperately needs to get to the bottom of the unprecedented corruption in our federal government.  Hillary and Edwards aren’t in a position to do this.  

Hillary is secretive.  Hillary says her experience as First Lady gives her superior experience.  (By the way, Hillary’s most important experience by far as First Lady was, as even she admits, to mess up health care reform so America's health care system is more broken than ever a dozen years later.)  Yet Hillary won’t disclose her records as First Lady until after the Primaries when it’s too late for Democratic voters to judge them.  How can she truly be for transparency when she doesn't practice what she preaches?  

Hillary and Bill also won’t disclose the records and donors associated with their $500 million mega-charity.  

Edwards is in a state of denial about his 527 money.  He is in a state of denial about making a cool half a million from a hedge fund that participated in the sub prime fallout and the excessive executive pay that he keeps railing about.

Obama, on the other hand, has disclosed his record, the good, the bad and the ugly.  No tricks.  Obama has held up under Hillary's fire to the point where she has been shamed into firing many campaign staffers and her lead campaign official in New Hampshire.  

  1.  Obama quietly gets the job done in standing up for Democratic values.

Obama has quietly pursued the good government issues that are so important for America, like creating a web site to out where all the government spending goes and who gets all the government contracts.  http://www.usaspending.gov/  http://www.dailykos.com/...  http://obama.senate.gov/...   He supports ethics and lobbying reform and is the only frontrunner to walk the walk in not accepting lobbyist money and soft money.  http://obama.senate.gov/...  Obama has shown the guts to stand up to the media in opposing further consolidation and takeovers by big business.  http://www.dailykos.com/...  It takes real guts to fight the media in the middle of an election season.  Just like it took guts to oppose the war in Iraq and not to get railroaded like Hillary into voting for Bush’s warmongering proposal declaring Iran’s military to be "terrorists."

Stop the partisan, secretive, Washington insider policy spin cycle in  the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton monarchies.  Bring on the change!

CHANGE ’08.  OBAMA ‘08

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