It is no stretch to say that the blogs as of late have consisted of which Democratic Candidate a person supports.  So lets get to meet the people behind the candidates shall we?


Goldman Sachs.  Ah yes, what a lovely group of people. "What is their deal?" you may ask:

"Goldman Sachs is one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment banks. Like others in the securities industry, it advises and invests in nearly every industry affected by federal legislation. The firm closely monitors issues including economic policy, trade and nearly all legislation that governs the financial sector. It has been a major proponent of privatizing Social Security as well as legislation that would essentially deregulate the investment banking/securities industry. In August 2002, following months of corporate scandals, congressional investigators launched a probe into whether stock analysts at Goldman Sachs issued biased investment advice in order to protect corporate clients. The firm tends to give most of its money to Democrats. Goldman Sachs' former chief executive, Jon Corzine, served in the U.S. Senate as a Democrat from New Jersey. He's now the state's governor."

Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/...

Is this the "change" the youth are clamoring for?  The "change" they came out in record numbers for? I dunno, but as a "youth" I check background info before making and full allegiances.


DLA Piper.  These guys I had no idea about.  Never even really heard of them, however they peaked my interest.  Shall we?:

"In the United States, DLA Piper has 1,500 lawyers and offices in 23 cities, including in every major business center across the country. Our core U.S. practices are: corporate and finance; intellectual property; litigation; government affairs; real estate; and tax. We represent many of the world’s leading companies, including multinational, Global 1000, and Fortune 50 enterprises in a wide range of industries, as well as emerging businesses, banks and other financialinstitutions, and professional firms."

Source: http://www.dlapiper.com/...

No wonder Bill Clinton drafted NAFTA!  Ohhhhhh, and no wonder the 1999 WTO in Seattle was all in a tissy about their meetings!  Learn something new everyday huh?  "It's great to learn...BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!"--Schoolhouse Rock!


Now before I "rip" into his corporate support, let it be known that his number one contributor was ActBlue, which is people supported.  So I give credit where credit is due.  He does have a second runner-up though which is Fortress Investment Group which he divested funds from after he found out about their sub-prime lending scam that affected Hurricane Katrina victims and used the money to help those in need.

What a nice guy!

He was so appalled by these abuses from this company on the poor that he only accepted $187,850 from them.  A full 200K might look like he still does business with them, or condones such business practices, or something.

Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/...

Sorry to be the "party" pooper.  

Campaign Fund List:

Obama- http://www.opensecrets.org/...

Clinton- http://www.opensecrets.org/...

Edwards- http://www.opensecrets.org/...

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