What was the Most Extremely Annoying News Story of 2007?

You couldn't have made this up--Friday, when the Obama/Huckabee victories had practically rendered Iowa old news, the media on a cable channel I was lying in bed listening to feverishly started covering some bresking news. Was it the bad weather in California? Bad news on the economy? More bad news out of Pakistan or Kenya? Or was Putin up to something. Or President Bush?

None of the above. It was Britney Spears, hospitalized, per these early reports, due to being under the influence of an unknown substance. And later Friday, it was reported she'd freaked out and had custody of her kids taken away permanently.

Now, this story would be in the running for the Most Extremely Annoying News Story of 2008, but for the purpose of this Kossack Kompetition the question is:

What was the Most Extremely Annoying News Story of 2007?

I came up with the idea of this Kompetition because I had been planning on doing an Extremely Annoying Round-Up of about 10 news stories for this week. However, I couldn't get to it because of hard news I was diarying on instead. And I had attempted a list of these events, but couldn't narrow it down to just 10. Each time I thought my list was finished, I'd think of something else Extremely Annoying I'd mercifully forgotten.

Already I've a second Kompetition in the works--I'm planning to do this semi-regularly as hard news allows.

This Kompetition's winners (there'll be Gold, Silver, and Bronze figurative medals) will have the honor of being listed in the diary for Kossack Kompetition #2.

Judging of the entries received will be based on humor, snark, the Extreme Annoyingness of the news stories named, and their juxtaposition with more important events which perhaps would have gotten more air time were the Extremely Annoying News Story not getting so much coverage.  

If two or more Kompetitors name the same news story, and I decide that that story is the most Extremely Annoying of those named, the judging will be based on humor, snark, and whether more serious news that should have been covered instead is mentioned.

Since I'm asking you this question, you all have the floor. I'll be sitting this one one until Monday when I go over the entries and choose and congratulate the winners.

So have at it--and enjoy!

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