A glaring difference between the Republican and Democrat presidential nominee selection system is the idea of "winner take all." We have seen what has happened on the Republican side; Sen. McCain has a substantial lead over Gov. Huckabee.

Now, what would the landscape look like if the Democrats operated under the "winner take all" system? According to CBS News latest count, as it stands today pledged delegates are as follows:

Clinton 1,132

Obama 1,143

Here is what it would look like in a "winner take all":

Clinton 1,126

Obama 825

Interesting to note the miniscule difference in Sen. Clinton's numbers as compared to Sen. Obama's, as his count would drop by approximately 300. I count 13 won contests by Sen. Clinton (with biggies NY and CA) against Sen. Obama's 18 won contests.

The race would not be as decisive as it is now for the Republican's. But the race would be very much different as it is today.

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