From Samuel Jackson's not-so-real blog:

I just did me a search on Google for “self-inflicted nail injury.” Seemed apros-motherfucking-po since I’ve been trying real hard to pay attention to politics lately.

Y’all read the story about the dude in Bahrain who had a two-inch nail pulled out of his pecker? Dude shows up at a doctor’s office complaining about some severe motherfucking pain in his fuck-stick region. After a quick inspection of the area, the doctor couldn’t help but notice a two inch got-damn nail shoved down his pee-hole. When asked, the dude says that the nail must’ve been put there “without his knowledge.” Which is how I feel about this fucking superdelegate bullshit–I’ve got some superdelegates shoved down my pee-hole, and I ain’t got no motherfucking clue how the fuckers got there.

Originally posted to NewsGroper on Sat Feb 16, 2008 at 10:49 AM PST.

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