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When I returned from the war in Iraq, over 300 friends and neighbors of Western New York attended a picnic to welcome me home. Many of them did not even know me, but they came to say thanks to a veteran who was part of this extended family we all feel a part of in Western New York.

I am running for Congress in New York’s 26th District against Tom Reynolds because that sense of community is no longer being represented in Washington, D.C. My campaign is about bringing Western New York values back to Washington.  For too long, special interest and lobbyist money has dominated politics.

For the month of March, our campaign is launching an effort to grow our extended family by adding 50 people to Club 26.

For $26 a month, you can help counter the influence of special interests and give each of us a voice in Congress; a voice that represents you and me, not lobbyists.

There are many differences between my opponent, Tom Reynolds, and me, but the biggest one is to whom we are listening. For the past two quarters, I have out-raised my opponent in donations from individuals and he has out-raised me in contributions from PACs and Lobbyists.  I need your help!

Join Club 26!

By investing in Club 26, you are given the opportunity to join a conference call once a month with the campaign to discuss what is going on in NY-26 and the direction in which we are headed. As a Club 26 member, your name and story will be placed on our website as someone who thinks it is time for a change in Washington, D.C. Our goal is to recruit 50 people to sign up to become a Club 26 Member during the month of March.

Join Club 26!

We are looking for people who want to lead by the example they set. We want YOU, to join the Powers Platoon and invest in Club 26. We need your help, because together, we have the power to change Washington.

Jon Powers
Powers For Congress

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