GET THIS STORY OUT.  TELL EVERYONE. If you are on the ground in Texas or Ohio, and notice any irregularities, you can report them to the Clinton campaign via this form: "Polling Problems." (And report irregularities in the comments below.)  

Jeralyn at Talkleft has the breaking story, "Dirty Tricks in Texas and Ohio?":

I'm receiving reports that contrary to Texas Democratic party caucus rules that preclude registration forms from being submitted before either 7:15 pm or the last vote at a precinct has been cast, Obama volunteers are handing out the forms at precincts today and asking people to fill them in and then collecting them. For Obama to submit the forms on the voters' behalf without the voter physically being present at the caucus would violate the rules.

Jeralyn, an attorney who's a legal expert for the media, cites the rules:

Participants may NOT begin signing in until the precinct convention has been called to order. The call to order may not occur until 7:15 p.m. OR whenever the last voter finishes voting at that polling location whichever is later. If, after the convention has been called to order and participants have signed in, any participant who wishes to leave may do so, and their sign in WILL count toward the delegate allocation for each candidate. Sign-In ends when the last person present waiting to sign in has done so.

Jeralyn asks any Texas voter who has witnessed this to let her know.  Then she cites more on the rules and includes some "disturbing reports from Ohio."  Read all.

KEY:  We need you to get this story out.  Far and wide.  We also need you to find more instances, and to report them in the comments below.

Just an additional reminder that there will be bamboozling:

That's the most telling video, and it's from my piece, "There Will Be Bamboozling" and from my heartfelt confession to Hillary supporters about getting the Obama message BIG TIME, "The Choice (But I've Been Touched)."

In the campaign, I can somewhat see.  BUT ON ELECTION DAY?  

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