So 19 year old Mehdi Kazemi is an Iranian seeking asylum since his country systematically executes homosexual. His ex-boyfriend was a victim of this very practice.

Please get the word out on this. More attention could potentially save his life, and set precedence for future asylum seekers.

Edit: The diary is being shortened to avoid copyright concerns, as suggested.

(CNN) --The Netherlands has rejected an asylum plea by a gay Iranian teenager trying to escape possible persecution in his homeland.

Tuesday's decision by the Council of State -- the highest administrative court in the Netherlands --means Kazemi could face deportation to Britain, which he fears will send him back to Iran.

Where he will likely be executed.

"If anybody signs his deportation papers and says, look, he's got to be deported to Iran, that means they have signed his death sentence," said Kazemi's uncle Saeed, who asked CNN to withhold his last name over safety concerns.

"When Britain is prepared to send a young man back to possible execution, that is inhumanity on a monumental scale," said Peter Tatchell, an activist for gay campaign group OutRage. "And I hang my head in shame, as a British citizen."

And now for my favorite part.

In a written statement, Britain's Home Office said that even though homosexuality is illegal in Iran and homosexuals do experience discrimination, it does not believe that homosexuals are routinely persecuted purely on the basis of their sexuality.

OK, just out of curiosity. Does public hanging qualify as a form of persecution?

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