This here's for all the Republicans who voted for Hillary.

One pattern that we're seeing repeat every election cycle since 2000 is the Republicans' desire strategy to disrupt the Democratic process.  To wit: Causing chaos for the purpose of thwarting the vote count in Florida or under allocating voting machines to democratic districts is thuggish behavior by people who can't abide by the rules.  And before you go all Ann Coulter on me for being a pusillanimous idealist who's crying about people breaking the rules - I'm not going there.  

Because you can't look at my reaction without taking responsibility for your own attitudes that have caused it.  You see, more than one Repug has smirked about having Diebold on their side.  This is the reputation that you all have built for yourselves.

But each of you can claim that you didn't do any of these things.  Someone else made those decisions and the Republican brand has been unfairly tarnished by a few bad apples <sniff><sniff>.

Until now, that is.  

Because now you've done it.  Literally.  You have personally gotten involved.  Today you're proud.  You helped Clinton win in Ohio, keep even in Texas, and avoid a blowout in Mississippi.

Maybe someday time will give you the perspective to see what you've really done.  When they write the history books about tyrants and their regimes, you'll be able to hold up your hand and say, "I did that!"

Originally posted to winstnsmth on Wed Mar 12, 2008 at 10:47 AM PDT.

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