The videos of Obama's America-hating Mentor and Pastor are not going away.  Dan Abrams' show is just starting on MSNBC as I write this and he will be covering it tonight.  

Obama and his campaign are whistling in the dark on this one.  Obama sat in this man's church for 20 years while he denounced this nation ("God damn America"), blamed America for 9/11 - ("Chickens coming home to roost"), etc. etc. etc. etc.

Put this guy together with Michelle Obama's wacky comments ("I've never been proud of America...") and it paints a picture.

The picture is one that many, many Americans will not feel comfortable with.  They don't really know much about Obama, and this stuff is absolute poison to his candidacy.  

I realize how unpopular this diary will be on this site, but for anyone who may still have an open mind - please think long and hard about who we may be about to nominate.  Obama's nomination is a recipe for sure defeat.

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