I was so frustrated and angry at the lack of Democratic response akin to the Republican response we saw to our own convention that I stayed up all night producing this:

Rapid Response: Asses on Fire
DIY: REAL Rapid Response for Hardnosed Dems

I would reproduce it here, but it's insanely long (includes mikepridmore's already insanely long media contact list as one subsection).

Here is what it includes, though:
Cable and Network Channels
Individual Shows
The Kerry Campaign
The DNC; Various Miscellaneous Surrogates
Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates
Various Sympathetic Orgs
Letters to the Editor online tools
Democratic Governers, Senators, and Representatives by state
A huge list of miscellaneous media

Formatting's a little rough in spots, but it takes a long time and I've gotta sleep.  I have to work the DFA table at the Dean talk tonight.

Please add info or changes as you see fit, either in comments over there, or in comments here.  I won't be able to change them right away, but I'll make the changes for the future.

AND PLEASE, DEAR GOD, HAMMER THESE PEOPLE!  There's no excuse for the lack of Democratic response.  We are ceding message control and/or having it wrested away from us by force.  IT'S TIME TO TAKE IT BACK!

(And consider recommending the diary so the list is available throughout the convention and immediate aftermath, por favor.)

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