Casey Knowles is in a new video posted on Barack Obama's youtube site.

Video Below fold.

Casey Knowles Rejects Hillary Clinton

Good stuff, I'm sure I saw the script for that posted here somewhere.

Original story:

Thank you for the information about embedding! :-D

Hm, now I feel bad that I don't have more written, but made recommended:  I think this video will be a bold move, hopefully it receives enough coverage to show that Obama isn't afraid of a fight; truth and hope against fear should and will always prevail, and that has been his underlying message every time.  After three brilliant and substantive speeches about race, Iraq and the economy, showing how deceptive and avoiding of the talking points his opponent can be is an important move.  After all, the original attack ad was entirely lacking of any substance; even though that's Clinton's argument against Obama.

Edit:  Here is the link (courtesy of Keith Pickering) to the suggested script from a blog: Script Suggestion

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