Zimbabwe held elections this weekend and the pressure is mounting on Mugabe's regime to post results. So far ZANU PF and MDC are tied in official parlimentary election results. No numbers have been released yet for the Presidential election, although most people are convinced that MDC has won a huge victory over Mugabe's party. As I've started watching this, I've tried to find some good blogs to read for commentary from people inside of (or close to) Zimbabwe. Links to those blogs are given below the fold.

This Is Zimbabwe:

(posting "official" results and commentary)


Independent Results Center:
(election results, as tallied by individual polling place numbers)

Comrade Fatso:

Zimbabwe Metro:
(commentary, looks like it is updated once or twice a day)

It will be interesting to see how this plays out; for the first time the Government has delayed publishing its results (it's been 48 hours since the election. In the past results came in after about 36 hours). Many speculate that the quick spread of polling-place tallies (the results at each polling place are posted outside, the probable source for the IRC numbers) has put the government in a bind -- how do they steal the election when many believe the MDC has won decisively? Some believe that ZANU PF will fudge the numbers just enough to force a "runoff" in 21 days, giving them enough time to plan for throwing that election. This is a fast-moving story, so I encourage everyone to post updates in the comments.

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