a moment of public reflection, especially on a historic day of reflection on the life of a man whose career in public service was built upon inclusion, tolerance, and peace...

today, dKos jumped the shark.  and i'm embarrased for us.

All Day, the Rec List was dominated by a vigilante party ready with sharpened keyboards to dive into and tear apart what's left of what's becoming and increasingly sad political career...

Hillary Clinton's Campaign is in shambles ya'll...  One of the proudest, strongest, greatest democrats of all time could very well end up bowing out Bankrupt...

This is not the time to dance on a grave or worse, shot the last poisoned dart... they're more than capable on their own to end this soon enough. Heck, we even got called out, twice, by Politico... that's fucking embarrassing ya'll.

i think it's time we reflect, as a community, our common goals and interests.  have you checked with your local house candidate lately? What about the judges or other down ticket dems.

We obviously have pent up energy, the byproduct of a community chomping at the bit to get the general election on...

I applaud the Front Pagers, who've again shown why they're on the front page today when they called McCain's crap about MLK out rightfully so... This site is afterall the #2 news source online, the #1 for Democrats, according to Markos.

I don't think we should show drawn swords to the general public.  If you disagree, we agree to disagree, however if you agree, I ask, respectfully, unrecommend the diaries on the list that seek to nuke hillary over tax returns, spend time with your family tonight, do something good, tell your children who Martin Luther King was and why Barack Obama owes his existance to this true American hero

We are good people
We are better than them, all of them

We will do better in the future, I'm sure of it... I'll be proud of our site again one day.

Originally posted to kubla000 on Fri Apr 04, 2008 at 02:54 PM PDT.



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