The AP and CNN are reporting that nearly 200 people (137 children) have been taken from the Texas ranch of religious leader of a polygamist sect.

Jeffs, the 52-year-old leader and "prophet" of the 10,000-member church, was convicted in Utah last year and sentenced to 10 years on two counts of being an accomplice to rape, charges related to a marriage he performed in 2001. He faces trial in Arizona on eight charges of sexual conduct with a minor, incest and conspiracy.

Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints bought the land near Eldorado four years ago and built the ranch, which they call the YFZ Ranch. The letters are said to refer to the words Yearning for Zion.

It is home to as many as 400 members who relocated from their Arizona and Utah compounds.

If you go to the CNN link, there are three photos. You can see "First Baptist Church" on the white bus. CNN TV was showing a caravan of police cars and white First Baptist Church buses.

This should go over big with the Mormon community. Ten years ago, Baptists went to Utah to convert Mormons to become Baptists. That didn’t work but now they are hauling their kids away in their church buses.

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