It is done.  After days of anger glee conversation about the smart stupid decision by God Satan Barack Obama to cave reach out appear on Fox Faux News, the interview is in the books.  So let's skip the arguments on the pros and cons of appearing on Fox, because you've already staked out a position.  If you're an Obama supporter, it was a smart move that will broaden his appeal to independents and moderate Republicans.  If you're a Hillary supporter, it was a typical, spineless move on the part of Obambi.  And if you're a McCain supporter, go enlist.

Now, let's get to the interview itself, starting with a look at Chris Wallace's performance:

We'll ask him questions he's never faced before about his campaign...

The questions (paraphrased):

  • Why can't you close the deal?
  • How do you overcome being an elitist?
  • Won't being Black make it hard to get elected?
  • Has Hillary played the race card?
  • Rev. Wright, Rev. Wright, Rev. Wright, Rev. Wright, Rev. Wright, Rev. Wright,  Rev. Wright, Rev. Wright?
  • What you call distractions, we call values.  Respond.
  • William Ayers, William Ayers?
Mr. Wallace finished the interview with the questions that concern every American;  John McCain; maverick or super maverick? Republicans;  great ideas or the greatest ideas?  Taxes;  high or higher? Iraq;  cut, run or cut and run?  Debate with Hillary; scared or terrified?  

Yes, a complete departure from the usual vacuous, 'gotcha' questions we've been subjected to through 21 debates, weren't they?  But hey, what did you expect?  Fair and balanced?  After 12 years of Fox News, anyone who expected anything different has bigger problems than worrying about who will be the next leader of the most powerful country in the world.

And what about Barack Obama's performance?  Was it everything you had hoped for?  Again, like the question of doing the interview in the first place, it depends on where you stood before the interview took place.  "Real" progressives wanted fire and brimstone, with Obama reducing Wallace to a quivering blob, curled into the fetal position, which conversely, was what Hillary supporters and Fox News hoped would happen to Obama.  Obamaphiles wanted issue-oriented questions that would not only inform undecided voters, but would give Obama an opportunity to clearly lay out a strong, progressive plan for America.  In the end, no one really got what they wanted -- but most of them will claim they did.

One last point.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention the shout out that Daily Kos received during the interview. It seems that for some reason, the senator is less willing to take on our commenters than he is Chris Wallace. It's now been 922 days since his last visit. Is it time to borrow from Fox News and start our own "Obama Watch?"  After all, we never pushed the "Barack is a Muslim, Marxist, un-American, latte swilling, elitist" stories.  That should be worth something, right?  Or is that left?

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 09:20 AM PDT.

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