Oh no. I'm so concerned! This gas tax "holiday" issue is going to make Barry O. look even more elitist! On one side we have Obama, Every Single Economist, Rich Liberals, Environmentalists, People Who Live in Cities, Civil Engineers, Major Newspapers and Pundits. On the other side we have Clinton, McCain, and Real Hardworking Americans(TM).

How dare these elitists say that Real Hardworking Americans don't want half a tank of free gas!

There is a lot of concern that the so-called "low-information voters" (and insulting euphemism for "stupid prols" if there ever was one) just won't get it. But come on people! The only "elitism" going around is the elitism that say that people are too dumb to understand why this is a bad idea.

I think people and will understand, but I think that if all of the experts and the politically obsessed start saying things like "most people won't understand this" or "the average American can't see..." or, god help me, "low-information voters...."  it will work like s self fulfilling prophecy. Because when you break the issue down in that way you're just insulting people--

I think that most people will understand why this is a bad idea when they see:

  1. It's just temporary.
  1. It's a distraction from the fundamental problem.
  1. It's an insultingly small solution to a major problem.
  1. The gas tax is not the reason gas is too expensive.
  1. We need to start working on alternative energy NOW, not later.
  1. It's mostly a hand-out to big oil. Giving them the chance to raise the price.
  1. It's bad for the environment.
  1. We ARE addicted to oil, this feeds the addiction.
  1. We need tax cuts for the middle class and higher taxes for the rich. We need a better tax code, that's how you help people economically.
  1. Our economic troubles are bigger than just high gas prices.
  1. It's fixing the symptom not the disease.
  1. It's fiscally irresponsible.
  1. It may put people out of work.
  1. Our roads and bridges are not in good repair, we just can't afford this!
  1. It is insulting, since this kind of "temporary relief" is just a tactic used to cynically win votes. Elitists like Clinton and McCain think people are too stupid to see through it.

And this time it will not work.

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