Well to start you've got to give credit to the Republican/Conservative spin machine they elected and reelected this sack of shit.

If the President and the Republican congress (Now Democratic Congress thanks to 06 which started this trend)  were the heart of ignorance then Conservative media would be it's armor and pacemaker. So watching it die really does make me wonder if the Republicans will have anything to run on in November and gives me a smile.  Example 1:

This happened yesterday but it made me realize that people in the media and out of it really are waking up to bullshit. I mean this Kevin James runs around with his 2nd rate radio show getting away with just screaming "Obama is a Muslim! or an angry black Christian with a crazy Pastor! i'm not sure which talking point I got this weekend!" To finally see him (and a few others) getting called out for there lack of knowledge in history and politics is quite beautiful. However it's not just media it's also White officials lately that have been caught in a lot of stupidity and Ignorance. Example 2:

Everyone understands that the President is a complete idiot (Unless you are a complete idiot) but for the people around him to be at his level is bad news for Republicans all around. Oh and real quick where the fuck is my diploma and White House Press job I acctully know about the Cuban missle crisis! A lot of people seem more qualified for the Diploma and job. Anyway The first Bush team was full of smart Neocons they had an agenda and they knew how to manipulate the people and media into it. It really was a work of art watching all the shit progress. These people turned John Kerry from war hero to Coward overnight based on bullshit and people bought it.  But these people seem to not even care about hiding there ignorance and under the table shit anymore and thats fine with me. My third example is that old shit is starting to break loose for these old conservative pundits that attempt to talk to the world as morally infaulible.

I would'nt give a crap about this if O'Reilly wasn't running around writing childrens books talking about how liberals are immoral, godless etc. as the prophet of moral infallibility that conservatives can't get enough of. Anyway just a small observation i've made over the last month. Oh and the president has a message for all you intellectiual Volvo driving liberal scientists!

Comments/thoughts on it?

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