Charleston (WV) Daily Mail newspaper OpEd writer and rightwing blogger Don Surber has the bottom feeders over at his blog all stirred up by claiming that Obama fans supposedly called WV voters "Toothless Gun-toting, Poor, and Ignorant". But it turns out that he's actually the one who trashes them!

On Tuesday (5/20/08), under his blogtitle

Appalachia Diagnosed he posted:

I used to write this off as oversensitivity.

No more.

...yeah Don, you've always been so touchy feely. When it comes to "your people".

Clinton campaigned hard in West Virginia. She won. 67-26. It was not even close.

...And Obama hasn't really campaigned all that hard - yet

Instead of congratulating her, the media dumped on West Virginia.

We’re the oldest state.

We have the lowest percentage of adults with college diplomas.

We’re the second poorest state.

We’re 95% white.

Let’s see, what else? Third in obesity. Most likely to be toothless by age 65. Really.

Oh and fifth in gun ownership.

Unfortunately it's likely that's all true. The MEDIA may have gotten it right for once. But geewhiz! Why do you insist on rubbing it in, Don?

Now, we’re technophobes.

Wait a second, Don. We're scared of technology, too? Could that be true?

Charles Warner at the Huffington Post: "People who get their news from and are heavy users of the Internet are probably more likely to support Obama than those who get their news from the dinosaur media — radio, newspapers, and broadcast television. These people probably tend to be older and mired in pre-1960 media habits."

Dude. West Virginia got CNN before New York City. They’re called satellite dishes, the unofficial state flower.

And what’s with "these people"?

See? We're a-skeert of it!
Note that Don's really not quoting any statistics or studies supporting his dish theory, but then again he's not really disputing Warner's words, either.

West Virginians voted for Mrs. Clinton, not against Democratic Sen. Barack Obama. They know her. Most Democrats like her.

Don conveniently forgot to mention that more West Virginians actually voted for Obama than for McCain as well. But watch out now because here's how the surber stirs up all his suckers ...

But if Obamaniacs keep it up — keep calling us gun-toting, toothless, poor, ignorant "these people" — the state might just go with Republican Sen. John McCain in November.

WHOA now! Did the Obamaniacs reeealy say that?

While it's true that Charles Warner's report was about Obama supporters, he didn't report any calling folks in West Virginia any of those names.


Why should Obama supporters be nasty about us anyway? He's still got to beat McCain in the general election, right?

Putting the words "gun-toting, toothless, poor, and ignorant" in Obama's mouth is pure Surber. And it's amazing how many of Don's readers actually got fired up at Obama over his little bait-and-switch wordplay. But then a "surber" is a tool used to gather spineless hard-shelled bottom feeders (I looked it up).

So it's really no surprise that Don Surber uses his blog as a tool used to gather spineless hard-shelled bottom feeders, is it?

Originally posted to One Citizen on Thu May 22, 2008 at 08:56 AM PDT.

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