...the inaugural edition of a daily series that will continue until Election Day.

So, shut your fucking pie-hole...

...if you've written a diary asking "what we should do if we lose". You know when we'll worry about what's after losing? AFTER we lose! And you know the only way we'll lose? If people like you spend one more moment worrying about losing. You think the Republicans are worried about losing? They aren't. You think they were worried about losing when they were down in the polls? They weren't. They are a lot of things... immoral... compassionless... selfish... terrified sheepeople... but they are not worried about losing. Thinking about losing is for losers. For once... let's not be the losers.

And shut your fucking pie-hole if...

...you claim not to be able to understand John Kerry's position on the Iraq war. OK... I'm... Going... To... Take... This... Very... Slow.

  1. John Kerry voted to give the President the authorization for war so the President would have some leverage with our allies.
  2. John Kerry trusted the President would use that leverage (as John Kerry would have) wisely and would go to war only as a last resort.
  3. The President went and fucked it all up.

Got it? No? Need it simpler.

Under a President Kerry, there would be no war in Iraq. Under President Bush there is.

And shut your fucking pie-hole...

...if your first reaction to polls is to cry about "methodology" or "sample size" and "skewing" and "bias" and "internals." NONE OF IT MATTERS ONE FUCKING BIT. Remember the polls from a month ago? We were winning. Remember the polls from three months ago? We were losing. Remember the polls from 8 months ago? Howard Dean was ABSOLUTELY the Democratic nominee. Remember the polls from a year before that? No Democrat should bother running against the Asshole in Chief because he's utterly invincible. The polls will change seven times between now and November 2nd and ONLY on November 2nd should you or anyone you know spend anytime freaking about how many White, Male, Frog-Loving, Single, Transsexual, Democrats Gallup has or has not included in its sample.

And shut your fucking pie-hole...

...if you are still saying the words "Nader" and "I" and "will" and "vote" and "for" and "him" in the same sentence. There are no "safe states". There are no "protests votes". There are no "send a messages". There is only my daughter who must not be forced to live in a country where she does not have some semblance of control over her own body. There is only my soon-to-be-second-child who must not live in a world where -- should he or she be gay -- he or she is told on a moment to moment basis that he or she is LESS than some drunk, shit-head music star who took her saline enhanced chest down to a Vegas drive through and pretended to understand the meaning of "forever". There is only the air these two children breathe and the water they drink and the level of mercury in the fish they eat. Ralph Nader is NOT and option for anyone this time around. Don't even open your fucking pie-hole to argue.

And while I'm at it, shut your fucking pie-hole...

...if the word fucking has you in a tizzy. Fucking is the reason you and I are here today. It is a word without nuance and I chose it EXACTLY for that reason. There is no way to escape its denotation or connotation or are-you-absolutely-paying-attention?

The game is on.  43 days to save this country. I refuse to lose.

Now... shut you're fucking pie-hole and get back to work.

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