Who will be Obama's running mate?

Though I'd like to believe that this is a totally original topic for a diary, I suspect that -- just possibly -- there might be roughly 7000 previous diaries on this very subject.  Heh.

Nonetheless, let's speculate.  Why?  Because most of us are political junkies, and it's good, clean, old fashioned fun.  Really, that's about the only thing that can justify another diary on the matter.

Onward!...below the fold, my friends:

Actually, I'd like to make the case for someone I didn't have much use for as a Veep until recently:  Wes Clark.  

...Oh, I know what some of you are saying!   He's a strong Clinton supporter.  But that might be a good reason to have him on the ticket:  a small step towards unity, without the baggage of the actual Clintons.  

I am a former "Clarkie," though my brief infatuation with the man in 2004 ended after seeing him campaign.  In short:  he wasn't very good at all.  

But it's my contention that we don't need someone as dynamic or charismatic as Obama in the 2nd slot, since Obama brings a double dose of that.  But someone with real military and / or administrative experience would help.   Clark has both.  

I haven't looked too deeply into this, admittedly, and would turn sour on the Clark idea immediately if he has a trail of too many nasty things said about Obama, like Joe Wilson or (shudder) the slimy racist Larry Johnson.   I do get the impression that while Clark has supported HRC strongly, it hasn't been through flinging crap at Obama, for the most part.

I've also been more impressed with Clark as of late, at least in the media.  He seems to have found his voice there.  I think his talents lie more as a talking head -type speaker than a stump speaker, but... the former has a lot of value, too.

This is just the starting point of a discussion below, I hope.  Other possibilities I find interesting (none of them original, of course):

  1.  JIM WEBB.   Brings miltary credibilty to the table, brings some Virginia clout, brings a feel for the troubling Applachian region (troubling in terms of Obama's votes there, is all I mean).  Negatives:   I'd hate for Webb to leave that Senate seat.  Personally, I find Webb's FISA stands disturbing, too, though I'd freely admit you can't have everything.   And his economic stands are excellent, all in all.
  1. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS.  Lots to recommend her, including her ability to thrive as a progressive in a conservative state.  I'm interested in learning more.   So far I'm not seeing the personal charisma i've heard about, but...like I said above, that might not be so crucial as long as the VP is smart and politically savvy.
  1. BILL RICHARDSON.  Honestly, I think he's more interesting in theory than in practice.  A (mostly) successful governor with a fine foreign policy CV, AND a prominent Hispanic?  Sounds great.  However -- he was terrible, absolutely terrible, as a Presidential candidate this past year, in my humble opinion.  He said some very weird things, too:  i.e., "being gay is a choice."
  1. CLAIRE McCASKILL.  I'm really impressed by her.   Intelligent, charming, and a damned good fighter who doesn't pull punches, but still seems warm.   Again, hate to lose such a good Senator.  But if it helps put Missouri in play, it's worth considering.
  1. JOHN EDWARDS.  I'm a former Edwards supporter, so part of me loves this idea.  But a more practical side says:  he already ran, it feels wrong.  Demeaning both to Obama AND Edwards.  Not saying it would be offered, or that JRE would even accept, but as much as I want these two to be in the White House together, the politics of it seem way off.
  1. AL GORE.  DHinMI threw out this idea on the front page.  I'd say the odds against Obama asking are astronomical, and the odds of Gore accepting if that happened, even greater.    It's the Edwards situation times 1000.   But a person has to dream, eh?

Your thoughts?

I know you have some...

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