Just heard on Rachel Maddow's radio show, and I couldn't belive it, but I searched nypost.com and it's true.

New York Post GOSSIP columnist Richard Johnson has published Keith Olbermann's RESIDENTIAL address, right down to his apartment number.

I refuse to put up a link to the story, but if you search their site you can find it.

Reprehensible, disgusting, appalling.  I don't think there are words enough to condemn this.

Sure, for the intrepid it would likely be easy enough to search public records to find this information, but to publish it in a newspaper?

Am I over-reactng?  Given the ongoing rivalry between MSNBC's Olbermann and Murdoch owned Fox "News" Channel's Bill O'Reilly, this smacks of a disgusting breach of journalistic integrity and taking a profesional feud into the personal.

Here are a few contacts where you can lodge a complaint:

Online Editorial and News: Erle Norton webeditor@nypost.com  
Letters to the Editor: letters@nypost.com  
Editorials, Columnists: letters@nypost.com  
Page Six: Richard Johnson rjohnson@nypost.com
Administration: Anne Aquilina aaquilina@nypost.com

UPDATE: In the heat of the moment I neglected to give the context of the story in question.  The State of NY has filed a tax judgement against Mr. Olbermann, and that's what passes muster for the Post to publish his home address.  I'm shaking with anger over this.

Thanks to sistermoon for this comment:

I just sent a "tip"

to Media Matters about this:


Please do the same, if you have the time. This really needs serious attention.

With the prevalence of celebrity stalkers, this is not only a journalistic ethics breach, but could also pose a threat to Keith's safety.

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