Man, asked you guys what question you would ask Bush at the debates, and you guys went nuts.

I actually didn't get through the whole thread (500+ comments), but here are some that jumped out:

Why have you lost interest in Osama bin Laden, the leader of the organization that attacked the United States of America on September 11?"
Mr. President, in July of 2003 you said if anyone wanted to attack our troops in Iraq, they should bring it on. In March of this year you appeared at a reporters' dinner and ran a video in which you jokingly stumbled around your office looking for weapons of mass destruction. Can you explain this behavior to the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq?"
You recently received a formal intelligence assessment provided by your own agencies, indicating that our mission in Iraq was in great danger of failing.  You described this as the CIA 'just guessing'. and indicated that you did not believe what it said.  What intelligence sources do you trust when it comes to giving you an accurate assessment of the situation in Iraq?
Do you believe it is best to stick to your guns on an issue even when history is proving the decision incorrect? What about the example of older members of your party were adamant segregationists who have now changed their views and don't apologize for this change of heart. Would you call this flip flopping and a moral weakness? Are there times when admitting your previous position was a mistake is actually a sign of strength?
"If Andrew Card came to you in that Florida classroom and told you that your family had been carjacked on September 11, would you still have sat there for seven minutes and done nothing?"
These are all tough questions, so I don't expect anything like them to be asked at the debates.

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