When you lose you lose control and when you win, you win everything and a lot of control, Hillary by not conceding, she refuse control, not saying she had to give up control, but she has to give up and as long as Hillary refuses to give up, it cements her supporters, not following, or listening to her instruction, when she dose give-in and up.

When I say "cements," I’ am talking about a larger portion, of Hillary’s supporters, refusing to give in and join in behind the winner, not wanting to get out in front of there leader, Obama is a Democrat, he is the head of the Democratic Party and Hillary is delaying the coming together, what starts the healing and most importantly the melding.

Obama has made every effort and outreach to Hillary’s supporters, but until Hillary and her Generals, Captains stop making policy and issuing orders and get behind Obama and makes it plain to ALL... her supporters, they will continue to draw divisions and distinctions, pulling her supporters attention away from Obama, that’s what some of Hillary’s acolytes are doing and I’ am talking about some of her strongest supporters.

Suddenly, Maxine Water, Terry McAuliffe, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Lanny Davis are all silent, they need to speak up for the good of the Party and they should speak as soon as and no later than 6.5.2008 PM.

Hillary’s demeanor and clear reluctance to concede is driving the VP talk and her silence in, "NOT" emphatically getting behind Obama, with no ambiguous, read between the lines demands, no questions, or favors ask, is why Hillary will not be the VP.  Hillary is her own worst enemy, its hardball and it tainting her entire Historic campaign and legacy.

Hillary is still standing on the battle field, looking around with her troops, after losing, she can still send out troops to say this and say that but the winner is in the City, making plans to too take the country and that planning is going ahead, without Hillary.

No one ask Hillary to fall on her sword, but she has to lay it down and the VICTOR, the WINNER, has to allow you pick it up again and if you refuse too, turn over your sword and it appears your still spoiling for a FIGHT.  Here’s the bottom line, Hillary can stand on the battle field, ARMOURED UP, but if Obama refuses engagement and he has refused engagement, she can stand there until her troops are hungry and tired, with no one to fight; Hillary is only hurting herself and her supporters and ultimately the Democratic Parties chances in November.

Hillary, I’ am telling you, Endorse Obama and take your chances Hillary, that’s what you A Cdo when you lose, lose graciously and with class, be the better angles, for all America.

From one American to another American

Update: Maxine waters endorsed Obama, yesterday.

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