So, the genuises over at the AP no longer want dirty little hippie bloggers quoting their stories word for word. Instead, our new corporate overlords would prefer that we link to the article and then summarize what it is saying in our own words. However, like many of us on the intertubes I am a lazy SOB, so the way I see it there is only one solution to this intractable problem: Babelfish.

To try it out, I took the first AP article that I saw on Yahoo News this morning:


I then translated it from English to Dutch, Dutch to French, and then French back to English so that we would have none of those nasty 5-word quotations that gets the panties of AP lawyers into a twist. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results:

With l' gasoline, which $4 covers one gallon, the president went by train Bush congress Wednesday to raise its interdict for a long time existing on l' oil sea and the drilling of gas which says the United States its d' production; energy must increase. The democrats rejected l' quickly; idea. " ; There is an excuse for the deceleration, " ; the president said in a declaration in the pink garden. With l' presidential election, months left, Bush a specific attack on the democrats who they show to block his d' proposals; energy and to show them expenses d' gasoline raised, only made. To be the proposal resounded a question by opening the candidate John McCain presidential republican for the continental dish for l' exploration " ; The families about the country look in Washington for a reaction, " ; Above-mentioned Bush.

So there you have it, we get the essence of this soon-to-be Pulitzer Prize winning AP article without violating their fantasy version of US copyright laws, that's a doubleplusgood in my book. Clearly much better than the old way of doing things.

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