Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $10,000 so that we can run an effective campaign in Idaho's Second District. We all know that it will be incredibly difficult to beat a five-term incumbent like my opponent. But we have to try; if our party tries everywhere and every time there is an opening then somewhere, we will win. My opponent is a conservative Republican who has voted with the Bush White House 89% of the time. We need your help to take his seat and show East Idaho that the Democratic party is a real option and the better option.

Please visit my campaign's website for information about what I hope to achieve in Washington. With your help, we can achieve health care for every American, we can help Americans who are losing their homes in the foreclosure crisis, we can make our government treat education like it's more than a talking point, and we can have an exit strategy in Iraq. If my goals are your goals, I hope you'll consider helping give the voters of Idaho a real choice by making a donation to the campaign.

You can donate through ActBlue and send a message that the Democratic Party should put up a strong campaign in every district across the country. If we fight for our values everywhere, we'll come through in places you might not expect. And even if we don't win in some of these races, we'll build up the party, and show voters like those in Eastern Idaho that they have a real choice. Thank you for your support.

Originally posted to Holmes for Congress on Mon Jun 30, 2008 at 12:24 PM PDT.

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