This is Glenn Greenwald's take on the statement Obama made this afternoon.

"This statement has so many equivocations and vague claims as to be worthless. In a society that lives under the rule of law, government officials and corporations which break our laws are held accountable by courts of law, not by vague promises from politicians of some future "review" and "recommendation" process grounded in claims that we can trust the Leader to do the right thing, whatever he decides in his sole discretion and infinite wisdom that might be."

This is his conclusion, and I have to say that after reading the whole thing I entirely agree.

Greenwald has a point by point rebuttal of Obama's statement. He rebutts Obama's position on the retroactive immunity for the telcos, which Obama will oppose but knows well it will pass, and even better, he has a detailed explanation for the many reasons why this FISA bill is so flawed and gives Bush and Cheney exactly what they have been trying to get for several years in addition to shredding to pieces the 4th Amendment.

Grenwald's article is in his blog and it is worth reading it in its entirety.

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