I have a thing against right wing talk radio, and in Indianapolis, that means WIBC.

WIBC has a host named Greg Garrison.  Greg is the normal type of conservative host, pompous, arrogant, given to saying that people who don't think like him are brainless (Obama), Marxists, basically stupid and brainwashed.

So, as he is an easy target, I've kept up a running commentary against his grosser stupidities.



You can Google Greg Garrison EMMIS, Greg Garrison WIBC...  I think it's a game.  After all, WIBC has chosen the politics of stupidity, so they should expect some push-back.

Today the producer and telephone screener at Greg's program emailed me.

Criticism and dialogue have always been welcome. For a while, you operated under the rules of civility. Quite some time ago you decided to step away from those rules and got very ugly.
I’ll make a deal with you Dana. If you stop abusing yourself and quit listening to the show (and sending e-mails), I won’t forward ALL of your e-mails to the folks at (your job).

Now, is that nice?

I have fun with aliases.  Demosthenes (From Ender's game), Rabid Blonde, Nemesis (from Resident Evil), Dana...  I've never been interested in blocking my IP addys, or being particularly subtle.  I let everyone at WIBC know when Greg is lying or exaggerating or being a moron.  It is fun, and keeps me on my toes.

But...  Whatever should I do about this threat?  Oh dear me, should I get a lawyer?  Should I cower in a corner?  Should I just end it all now???

(I am a drama queen...)

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