Rather than fight against FISA’s amnesty for law breakers, maybe we should extend amnesty for people who really deserve amnesty - people who are in prison for smoking pot or carrying signs that read, "McCain = Bush."

People are always breaking the law and in only a small minority of these violations are the "criminals" punished. Most drivers have violated traffic laws but few are caught. I jaywalked last week and escaped punishment.

Even when "criminals" are caught they are not always punished. Some get off on "technicalities" or have the funds to hire good lawyers. Juries and judges sometimes refuse to find violators guilty. There is a lot of plea bargaining and suspended sentences.

The disappointing aspect of FISA amnesty is that the truth will be buried, not that these criminals will go free. Get real - Bush will be issuing a truckload of amnesties as he leaves the White House.

With our prisons overflowing and contributing to our overall economic problems, it is obvious we cannot throw all "criminals" in the slammer. On the contrary we need to set many of our incarcerated free and give them the amnesty we are giving Bush, his lackeys (including some in Congress voting for this bill), and the telecoms.

Got a relative in prison you think should be released? What crimes would you add to the FISA amnesty bill?

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Iâ€<sup>TM</sup>d give amnesty to

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