I'm not happy about Senator Obama's position on the FISA bill that just passed.  I elected not to send money in late June because I just couldn't push the button at that point.

But for Senator Clinton to send her "spokesblogger" out to pander to unhappy progressives in this way -- when she didn't have ANY courage in her voting patterns when she thought she was the nominee -- is disgusting.  If she wanted to fight hard to filibuster the bill, or get amendments passed, great.  But to vote no and then reach out to the progressive wing of the party in this manner is divisive and disheartening.

Is this how she's going to help get a Democratic elected President in November?  Because that is what she has pledged to do -- not herself in 2012, but Barack Obama in 2008.

Those of you cheering her now, did you cheer her Iraq vote?  How about the way her husband campaigned in South Carolina?  How about her campaign messaging to make latents racists feel better about voting their biases?  How about how her campaign management perfectly reflected her previous management of the failed health care initiative? How about her spending 20-30 millions dollars of her own, and forcing the inevitable nominee to spend 30 million out of his coffers in a completely futile primary end game that was racially, generationally and genderially (is that a word?  I'm too upset to work it out) divisive?  (Note:  I am not saying she couldn't campaign.  Only that she shouldn't have spent tons of money that she didn't have when she couldn't win, with messaging that was poisonous to the party and the body politic.  We could use that money right now.)

Is this how the splintering of the party on the way to Denver starts?  If that's not her intent, then Mr. Daou should think a little bit about party goals and party discipline the next time she feels like undermining the party's presumptive nominee.

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