Los Angeles Times
December 6, 1933

Roosevelt Calls on Nation to Ban Bootlegger--Saloon's Return; Huge Liquor Imports Authorized

Washington, Dec. 5. (Exclusive) National prohibition ended this afternoon at 3:32 o'clock when a convention in Utah formally ratified the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, and thus repealed the Eighteenth Amendment.

What's this about? It's a reminder the U.S. Constitution can be amended.

If we were going to ratify a Twenty-eighth Amendment today, what should it address? Should we finally enshrine the sanctity of The Vote in our Constitution? Should we standardize and make uniform how votes are cast and tallied? Basically the idea would be that the system becomes secure, even though it's not secret. Right now, if you buy something online, your credit card number gets scrambled en route to the merchant. The protocols and algorithms used to do so are publicly known and openly and fully documented, but it doesn't do would-be identity thieves any good because those techniques are rock solid. No reason a voting system would have to be different.

Think about this though, if we lose The Vote to private interests, doesn't that mean the loss of the Free World? Yes, it does. Transparent elections and the Free World are one and the same thing. Globalism doesn’t have to be a bad thing, so long as we have open/accurate elections steering its direction.

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Our Twenty-eighth Amendment to the Constitution should:

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