Yesterday, Markos released the results of a new poll that show us running strong in Idaho's U.S. Senate race.  Here are the latest numbers:

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 7/28-30. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (No trend lines)

  Risch (R) 42
  LaRocco (D) 32
  Rammell (I) 5
  Undecided 17

When I ran into Markos at Netroots Nation last month, I challenged him to poll our race, and I'm so glad that he took me up on that challenge.  Our own internal poll in June showed the gap at 15 points -- so yesterday's poll results certainly show us with the momentum.  What's more, our internal poll showed that once voters get to know about me, get to know about my stands on the issues, and get to know more about my Republican opponent, Jim Risch, poll respondents shift and choose me over Risch.  Clearly, looking at Markos' poll, that's starting to happen.

More over the flip.

So, fundamentally, this race comes down to resources -- to making sure we have the grassroots organization, the message, and the communications strategy we need to make sure the voters know the truth.  Because when they have the facts, polling shows that they choose me over Jim Risch, even in a traditional red state like Idaho.

Markos' latest poll numbers confirm what I'm seeing here on the ground:  The people of Idaho are ready for change, and they're looking for new leadership that puts the people of Idaho first.  I see it everywhere I travel across Idaho, including at each of the 30 "Working for Idaho" jobs that I've taken where I'm working shoulder-to-shoulder with everyday Idahoans -- from working at a fish hatchery to shearing sheep to pouring coffee at a coffee shop.

My Republican opponent, Jim Risch, is out-of-touch.  He's not even campaigning, he's refusing to debate, he's running false TV ads.  In short, he's taking the voters of this state for granted.  Jim Risch has spent more than $800,000 of his own money to try to buy political seats, and the people of Idaho don't like that.  Risch is part of the status quo that has failed to deliver for Idaho, and now with healthcare costs skyrocketing, unemployment rising, and our civil rights being eroded, Idahoans are looking for somebody who can help deliver real change.

Our ground game is well-organized.  We've got 4 offices open right now, with 2 more field offices to come -- staffed around-the-clock with folks who want to change Idaho and know how to win, including the Obama "brain trust" that organized Obama's Idaho caucus campaign and packed a rally in Boise with 14,000 people.

Even the ballot is in our favor.  Independent Rex Rammell is running strong and appeals to Republicans who are disenchanted with George Bush, Dick Cheney, Larry Craig, Butch Otter, and Jim Risch.  If Rammell can take 5 or 10 points away from Risch, that puts us in even stronger position.

So I'm confident that we're going to win here in Idaho -- but we need your help to do it.  Unlike many other Senate races that cost 5, 10, or 15 million dollars or more, we can win here with a fraction of that.  So the support of the netroots can make a huge difference.

I hope you'll consider throwing a few bucks our way through our ActBlue fundraising page, where we've raised $176K and counting.  It makes a huge difference.

Thanks again, Markos, for running the poll.  And thanks to all of you for the support.  We can win here in Idaho, with your help.

The road to 60 Democratic Senate seats runs right here through Idaho.

-- Larry

P.S.  I'll be sticking around for about 30 minutes to answer your questions and respond to your comments.  I'm really looking forward to continuing our dialogue!

UPDATE (9:25am MT): Thanks everybody for joining me this morning!  Really appreciate your support.  We're going to win in Idaho this November -- with your help.  Look forward to coming back here and blogging with you again soon!

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