Remember last week, when I mocked the PUMA jokers, how they claimed they had raised $10 million for Clinton in July?

We PUMAs have generated a lot of income to help pay down Hillary’s debt. We have it on good authority that our push, our July 4th push, generated from as little as six million and up to ten million dollars to pay off her debt.

Neal Cavuto even gave them a big slot on his show, with the chyron shouting:


All the while, PUMA head Will Bower boasted on the show that thanks to their efforts, Clinton's debt would be "finished".

Like everything that has ever come out of those closet Republicans' mouths, that claim was laughable. For a group of people who claim to speak for millions, they've proven utterly inept at delivering anything of tangible benefit. Poor Hillary Clinton herself has rejected their efforts, yet the PUMAs continue embarrassing themselves in her name.

Well, today brings more of that embarrassment:

Hillary Clinton whittled down her presidential campaign debt by $1.3 million in July, and presumptive nominee Barack Obama chipped in to help [...]

Despite suspending her campaign in June, Clinton raised $2 million in July.

Oops. That's far short of $6-10 million. But it gets worse:

Via Nashville 21 we tracked down the Hillary Clinton for President FEC filing for July contributions.  Check out the "contributions by date" info for the beginning of the month, when the PUMA/Just Say No Deal coalition was allegedly pulling in six to ten million dollars for Hillary.  I’ve included the entire July 4th weekend:

 July 01, 2008  30,979.56  
 July 02, 2008    19,624.72  
 July 03, 2008    9,839.16  
 July 04, 2008  6,446.36  
 July 05, 2008  15,919.73  
 July 06, 2008  2,792.90  

That’s a grand total of $85,602.43 for July 1st through July 6th, not even remotely close to the PUMAs’ "conservative" estimate of $6 million dollars (it’s 1.4% of that claim, 0.86% of the $10 million figure) and that’s not even accounting for the fact that all of the donations during that time period didn’t come from self-identified PUMAs.

The PUMAs are a bunch of attention whoring cranks. Unfortunately, the traditional media will continue giving them attention because there's nothing more exciting than a "Democrats divided" story.

In 2004, when the real Democrats who supported Howard Dean were defeated, we didn't sulk and embarrass Howard Dean with this kind of crap. No, we continued organizing. We got Dean elected chair of the Democratic Party, while Democracy for America continued its organizing efforts around the country. Heck, even the Kucinich crowd, as mocked as they were in more mainstream party circles, focused on organizing and created Progressive Democrats of America.

If the PUMAs actually cared about their party and about Hillary Clinton, they would honor her by creating a grassroots organization designed to promote her agenda like DFA or PDA. But they don't care about their party, and they clearly don't give a shit about what Clinton wants.

Which is all fine and dandy, but to the traditional media who will eagerly give them a platform next week, they should know that all they're merely doing is paying heed to a group of delusional cranks.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Thu Aug 21, 2008 at 04:34 PM PDT.

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