In honor of the fact that every time McCain screws up, the McCain campaign predictably deflects the gaffe by using the fact that he was a POW 40 years ago to silence any criticism...

this is the card that the McCain campaign quietly slips to the media to insure that it will not be covered:


This card may be used as an excuse for:

  1. Cheating on your 1st wife, to marry a a younger, richer one
  1. Being a major player in the Keating 5 Scandal
  1. Stating that you don't know about economic issues while running for president
  1. Being known as being "angry" - to such an extent that fellow Congressmen (from your own party) question your mental stability to be president
  1. Repeatedly mistaking "Shiite" for "Sunni" while at the same time claiming to be an expert on foreign policy
  1. Running for president while being aligned with George Bush 99% of the time, at the same time that he is the most unpopular president in the history of polling
  1. Egging on Russia, and giving unquestionable support for Georgia - at a time when diplomacy could diffuse the situation
  1. Not being able to remember the number of homes you own - cause, you know, who can remember something as tough as that?
  1. Thinking that someone making $4.9 million a year is still "middle class"
  1. Agreeing that the US will only be at its strongest when we reimplement the draft
  1. Stating that Americans would not pick lettuce for $50/hour (I WOULD!!)
  1. Having your top economic policy advisor state that the US is "a nation of whiners" in a "mental recession" cause most Americans aren't happy with the current economy
  1. "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb bomb Iran"

If you can think of any more things that this card can be/has been used for, add them below...I'm sure we will find out more soon, as the campaign progresses...


  1. Acknowledging that you have been in a "cone of silence" when actually you were in a car with your aids, who all had Blackberries and (I would assume) internet/radio/tv access...hmmm...
  1. Saying that ABBA if your favorite musical group
  1. Running for president - but only holding one campaign event per day
  1. Helping to write the campaign finance law, and breaking the rules of that law with your own campaign...
  1. Wearing $500 shoes (see them in the card, they are pretty aren't they:)), having 8-10 houses, and a wife worth $100 million - while declaring that the other candidate is elitist for like arugula...

(Courtesy of TheUnknown285) - thanks...

  1. Plagiarizing Wikipedia articles to show your "foreign policy expertise" - and not getting called on it
  1. Claiming, rightfully so, that the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are agents of intolerance in the 2000 election and then actively seeking out the likes of John Hagee, who compares the Catholic Church to a prostitute and says that Hitler was doing God's work vis-a-vis the Jews.

I wondering how many of these cards he has??

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The media allows McCain to get away with gaffes because

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