Today here in New York City there are two major newspapers with editorial page articles on prospective VPs. The NY Daily News Editorial today is "Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!" and the New York Times OpEd by David Brooks is titled "Hoping It's Biden."

Brooks opened his OpEd with this quote:
"Barack Obama has decided upon a vice-presidential running mate. And while I don’t know who it is as I write, for the good of the country, I hope he picked Joe Biden."

"There are other veep choices," Brooks writes. "Tim Kaine seems like a solid man, but selecting him would be disastrous. It would underline all the anxieties voters have about youth and inexperience. Evan Bayh has impeccably centrist credentials, but the country is not in the mood for dispassionate caution."

Here is the Web link to the full OpEd:

As a former online comm mgr for Sen. Biden's presidential campaign Web site, JoeBiden.com, I can hope that whoever Sen. Obama chooses will be able to step with confidence into that spot, as Sen. Biden says, "because there will be no margin for error."

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