I was away on vacation these last several days, enjoying beautiful weather in a small summer cabin at the edge of a quiet lake. I had no access to the internets. An old TV with rabbit ears only pulled in one station, and I don't watch TV anyway.

So now I'm reading diaries, trying to catch up.

Well, it looks like a rambunctious element of the Great Orange Satan, under the munificent leadership of our Dark Lord, Kos (all hail, Dark Lord Kos), is gearing up to take down the Associated Press.

That's cool. I can get behind it, 'cuz the AP sucks donkey balls.

What else?

There's a new hurricane brewing, and several folks are on it with the kind of timely, detailed, and fact-filled diaries, including the stories that aren't carried anywhere else, that helped so many of us understand what was going on with a deadly hurricane just three years ago.

I always come here for the news, and never fail to impress my friends with how much I know, and how quickly I know it.

What else?

Oh, it looks like John Sidney McCain III has found several new ways to make an ass of himself.

Which makes sense, considering that he's got the asshole part nailed down.

What else?

Hey, it looks like some people made some speeches in Denver.

And it also looks like several diarists have used this moment in history to share their own sentiments.

As well they should. It’s been a long road for some, and even longer for many.

I celebrated tonight’s speech by Barack Obama, accepting the Democratic nomination for president, by listening to words spoken and sung by another man in another August almost 40 years ago.

That performance reaches me tonight, and lifts my heart again.

And now for the final push.

Originally posted to RubDMC on Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 08:42 PM PDT.


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