My mother has been a Republican her whole life.  In the run up to the Kerry-Bush election, I followed her around every day persistently attempting to secure her vote for John Kerry.  I even dragged her to John Kerry's Scranton rally immediately following the convention.  Of course, Kerry showed up a couple of hours late on a 95 degree day which was enough to kill my chance of a my mother voting Democratic that year.  
 This year, she liked two candidates...  Rudy Giulani and Barack Obama.  Don't ask why, that's just the way it is.  In the meantime though, I had an opportunity to go issue at a time with her until she realized that she aligns more with the Democrats.  She quickly realized that she hadn't been voting on issues.  Before long, she had dropped Giuliani and was the most ardent Obama supporter I know, with perhaps the exception of myself.  

 Now when Palin hit, my mother wasn't fooled.  She saw it exactly for what it was and wasn't one to hold back the ridicule.  In fact, she was speaking to a crowd at an event where political discussion are not allowed when she flubbed a few lines and had ask offstage numerous times for clarification.  Of course, what came out of her mouth...  

"I feel like Sara Palin"

 It's pretty funny that she is not only seeing the light, but also recognizing the craziness of the other side.  She also asks me how the poll's look and I keep her up to date with the Blog news.  

 So the other day, she said she wanted to know some of the blogs I go on so she could keep an eye on the during the debate.  I gave her a few sites, and ended with KOS.  I explained that KOS is a community board, and though it might be a bit more difficult for her to navigate, there's a lot more analasys and overall grassroots content.  

 This morning, my mother tells me that she was on DailyKOS all night and she loves it.  She told me about the Sara Palin Debate Flowchart, among other things.  I told her my handle is Footbag and explained that I didn't post any diaries, but made a few comments.  "Comments?",  she asked.  I told her you can registered users can post comments about other peoples diaries within the diaries.  "Wait," my mother said "I want to post comments."


 My mom on KOS?!?!? I think she's going a bit fast for me!

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