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This is the footage that started the story that first appeared in the Atlantic - George Bush from ten years ago - dramatically different than the Bush you're used to.

The big story - "a striking decline in his sentence-by-sentence speaking skills." The reason? One doctor says "presenile dementia" a catch-all term for earlier-than-normal cognitive declines (probably "dry-drunk syndrome"). This video intercuts footage from 10 years ago with recent footage - the difference is dramatic and disturbing. And obvious.

See it yourself at http://www.adbuzz.com/bushbuzz.htm

Show it to your friends who think George Bush is okay. He's not.
Send it to any media people you know. Many are already suspicious that something's wrong with GWB. This proves it.

You can download this video and pass it on to friends - or just forward the link. Need a copy of the video? (It's a 4+MB QuickTime file) e-mail me at copywork@aol.com

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