As Barack Obama so eloquently stated in his acceptance speech - ENOUGH!  I just can't take the thought of the Palin/McCain ticket (and this is what the ticket has become) actually winning this election and we cannot let this happen.  With Palin being named the "Future of the Republican Party" this week, I'm sure the far right is energized.  We need to counteract their energy and show them just how serious we are about this fight.  

I'm tired of these elections coming down to the pro-life/anti-choice issue by the so-called "values voters", while they ignore the uninsured, the poor, the homeless, and the jobless and are energized by a woman who bans books and mocks members of our community who have taken on the challenge of improving the lives of all Americans.  Why do they get to claim the moral high ground for protecting the unborn when they support an administration and a candidate who shows no regard for the 4,000 troops killed in Iraq or the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who have been murdered in the process?  Why do they get to claim the moral high ground when they have the nerve to refer to people who have taken the risk of fleeing oppression to try to make a life for themselves as "illegal"?  Why do they get to claim the moral high ground when they have no regard for those struggling to make ends meet and have put no thought into how to lift people out of poverty?

Well, guess what?  I'm a "values voter" too and the ticket with the moral strength and decency in this election is Obama/Biden.  This is the ticket that wants a better quality of life and a restored sense of dignity for all Americans.  This is the campaign that is run on the premise that we are all our brothers keepers and it is our moral responsibility to look out for one another.  If those aren't values, then I don't know what is. The one thing I thought we could enjoy with McCain as the republican nominee is the absence of the religious right's influence on this election. But the Palin/McCain campaign has now made that group the core of their campaign and they're not going to determine who my President is again.

Palin/McCain is wrong for America and the people in my community need to hear it. It's my responsibility to make sure they know.  So join me in knocking on doors this weekend.  After this week, I'm sure we're all fired up and ready to go.  I can't wait to get out their today.

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